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We want you to feel confident that we’re the right fit for you and your family. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to partner with us.

Totally bespoke. 100% human.

What we do is unique to each client. Our service is built around your particular circumstances, needs and goals for the future, so your experience with us will be entirely your own.

We also don’t hide behind jargon or technical language. Financial planning is meant to be personal, and that just adds another barrier. After all, it’s your life, so let’s talk about it plainly – and all the rest. No pressure, no stress, just a genuine relationship.

We're Top Rated


We’re proud to announce that VouchedFor has included all of our advisers in their 2024 guide, distributed in The Times.

The guide identifies and celebrates the UK’s best financial advisers, all based on feedback from their clients. Inclusion in the guide is a tremendous honour.



We have been named as one of the top 100 financial planning firms in the UK, having been included in Citywire’s New Model Adviser Top 100 in 2023.

This list celebrates the best of the professional financial planning community and it is directly related to the feedback that clients provide.

How we help

We’re a whole of market, independent firm

That means we have no bias towards any one company or product, and our criteria for making recommendations is always what’s best for you.

We’re lifestyle financial planners

We’re here for the journey. We enjoy building long-term relationships, helping you through life’s twists and turns, and celebrating with you when you reach your goals.

We use cutting-edge financial technology

We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. We’re constantly seeking out innovations that make our service more efficient, accessible and helpful for our clients.

We’re here for the long term

Just as we invest in your future, so we invest in our own. We support the continuous development of our team by practising what we preach; thinking long term.

We give due diligence due care

You’re welcome to “look under the bonnet” at how we work and how we arrive at our recommendations any time you wish. In fact, we encourage it! We take our responsibility to serve your best interests very seriously.

You gain access to Chartered advice

Chartered status is a recognised benchmark of quality and good practice, held only by highly qualified and ethical individuals. All of our clients have access to this level of advice should they need it.

Still not sure? Hear from people who’ve been there

Our clients



of our clients are satisfied that we understand their objectives and priorities



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Mark Bodger
Mark Bodger
Dan was recommended to me and it has been a pleasure having him help me sort out my rather complicated pension arrangements. Dan has helped make sense of what to do with five separate pensions - and we have now been able to pull together those that can be, so I can now see what's what! Due to the advice Dan's provided I'm planning to retire three years earlier that I'd originally thought possible - and have been impressed with the support Dan has provided to make sure we've been looked after as a family. Dan has also provided useful guidance around tax issues that will be different when I retire, things that I wouldn't have discovered or thought of myself. Dan is great at keeping in touch, prompt to respond to any queries, but will never rush you into making decisions. He has a genuine desire to help you make the right choices through his thought provoking questions. I found what I thought was going to be a painful process much easier thanks to the way that Dan guided me through the whole process.
Andrew Coleman
Andrew Coleman
Hartley Ross provided sound financial advice when I was looking to consolidate my pensions due to a change in my working circumstances. Their advice was clear and they fully explained the options available and then the best financial option for me to achieve my financial goals based on my circumstances. Hartley Ross have been very diligent and professional in all their communication helping me achieve that financial goal.
Justin Bird
Justin Bird
I'm an independent consultant and approached Dan to help with financial planning, having transitioned from permanent employment. Hartley Ross has helped with all aspects...pensions, insurance, savings, mortgage, junior ISAs offering support for both my business and my family. What I have found most invaluable is having an objective view of my financial position, my goals and my aspirations. I've always considered that I'm pretty competent at finding the best mortgage or the best savings account, but having Dan re-evaluate my entire estate it has led to insights and ideas that I just wouldn't have considered myself. We have sat down and discussed my aspirations for the immediate, 5 years, 10 years and that has helped with planning things. It has been a really invaluable experience. I have had no concerns referring friends and associates to Hartley Ross.
Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright
Dan recently helped me arrange a long term savings plan for my child. He provided a great service, taking time to understand my requirements. He did all the research and provided an investment that matched my needs and level of risk. I felt confident in Dan's knowledge of investments and he made the whole process efficient and straightforward. I thoroughly recommend Dan and Hartley Ross.
Peter Davies
Peter Davies
I've known Dan for a few years and always found his advice not just knowledgeable, but practical and tailored to my circumstances and risk level. When I started by business, Dan gave great advice about the various insurances that would normally be looked after by my employer and helped choose the policies and cover levels needed. With the huge range of options available, Dan made it easy for me to understand the policies that actually provided value and saved me a huge amount of time from having to research the policies myself. I would happily recommend Dan to anyone looking for investment or insurance advice.
Martine Christopher
Martine Christopher
Dan helped with my pension transfer. I have no spouse and wanted to retire early. I was also concerned that after working for Lloyds Bank for 40 years on a final salary pension my son would not be entitled to anything. Dan helped with my pension review, as well as reviewing my insurances along with savings and investment planning. Dan kept in touch with phone calls, arranged meetings and emails to keep me up to date which is very important through each step by step process. After several consultations the outcome suited my needs and requirements and the personal touch, which doesn't happen with other financial advisers I have worked with. Dan was superb and would highly recommend him to my friends, family and other colleagues I have worked with. Superb service from start to finish and Dan's response rate when contacting him is brilliant. Thank you so much for looking after my portfolio. Can't thank him enough awesome results!
Gail Roxburgh
Gail Roxburgh
When I first contacted Dan 6 years ago I did feel a little out of control of my finances. My original plan was to use my pension to pay off a loan. Dan showed me several options that would not impact on my pension but made more financial sense. Since our first meeting he has also helped with our mortgage and recently advised me with some inheritance I received. With Dan’s advice I now feel much more in control of my finances and definitely more confident about my retirement.
I was very nervous about seeking financial advice but Dan Ross was very professional, patient and knowledgeable and gave me the reassurance I needed to review my pension arrangements. Dan clearly set out his recommendations and explained the pro's and con's of each option. He made the process as easy as possible and I am confident that my pension is now invested in suitable funds to achieve my retirement goals. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for pension advice.
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