7 clever ways you can make the most of your spare bedroom

Do you have a spare bedroom that’s not getting much use? Changing the function of the room can help you make the most of the floor space you have and mean you can enjoy your home more.

According to Zoopla, almost 9 million bedrooms were converted for other purposes during the pandemic, as homeowners sought to get the most out of each part of their home. 4 in 10 homeowners adapted their property to suit their changing needs and spare rooms were one of the most popular spaces to update.

If you have a spare room you’re not quite sure what to do with, here are seven ideas.

  1. Create a home office

It’s not surprising that a home office was one of the most popular choices during the pandemic.

With many businesses now embracing remote or hybrid working, you may want to create a permanent place to work from your home.

A separate home office that’s away from the other living areas can help improve your focus and mean it’s easier to switch off at the end of the day.

The Zoopla survey estimated that around 4.5 million new home offices have been created in the last two years, costing an average of £1,735 to set up.

  1. Make a space to exercise

With gyms shut during lockdown, 1.3 million Britons decided to create a gym at home and spent an average £1,568 kitting it out.

If you want to improve your health but often put off going to the gym, a dedicated space to work out at home can help you reach your fitness goals. Be mindful about where the spare room is, a gym that’s right above your living room could create unwanted noise.

  1. Extend your bedroom with a dressing area

Give your bedroom a really luxurious upgrade by extending it into the spare room to create a dressing area or walk-in wardrobe. Having this separate area can make your bedroom less cluttered and far more relaxing. It can also make it easier to organise your clothes and other items.

If you decide to knock down walls, so there are fewer rooms, keep in mind this could lower the value of your property.

  1. Build a home cinema

If you’re a family of film buffs that enjoy watching a film, creating a home cinema could be perfect.

Home cinemas are gradually becoming more popular across the UK as equipment becomes more affordable. According to the survey, almost 900,000 spare rooms were turned into cinema or music rooms during the pandemic.

It’s one of the more expensive adaptations, costing on average £3,841, but the cosy nights in enjoying your favourite classic films or the latest blockbuster could make it worthwhile.

  1. Dedicate a room to your hobbies

Did you pick up a new hobby during lockdown, or find more time to dedicate to an old passion? Whether you’ve found a love for sewing, building models, or reading, creating a space that’s just for your hobby can be an excellent way to unwind and escape after a busy day.

  1. Create a space for children

To accommodate home schooling, more than 690,000 classrooms were created in homes during lockdown. While children are now back at school, creating a space for them could still be useful.

A quiet space for them to do their homework or revise, away from the distractions that may be in their bedroom, can be practical for older children.

A playroom can be perfect for younger children too, and it can mean fewer toys and other items are cluttering up the living room or other family spaces.

  1. Turn it into a multifunctional space

If you don’t completely want to do away with a spare room, a multifunctional room can give you flexibility. To create a multifunctional room that’s perfect for your family, think about how it’s most likely to be used and how frequently.

There are plenty of pull-out beds that can be used as a chair or sofa when you don’t have guests staying, allowing you to turn a cosy media room into a bedroom when you need to. Clever storage solutions can also make a multifunctional room more practical.

If you want to extend or increase your mortgage to cover home improvements, including upgrading your spare room, we could help. Please contact us to discuss your plans.


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